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Training Roles and Responsibilities

BPTC works closely with the following groups in Business Services to ensure the development and delivery of relevant, effective, and efficient training programs. This document defines the roles and responsibilities of each group.

Business Services Director

  • Provide strategic direction for training projects
  • Assist with change management and communication

Business Process, Training, and Communications (BPTC)

  • Assess training needs with stakeholders
  • Approve, prioritize, plan, and manage training  projects
  • Develop and maintain instructor led and online course content, materials, and assessments
  • Develop Business Services training calendar/schedule with input from Training Coordinators and Process Owners
  • Coordinate training registration and logistics
  • Distribute and maintain communications including Business@Purdue News, course catalogue, course calendar, and BPTC website
  • Facilitate training classes, when needed
  • Coordinate maintenance of the SAP training environment

Training Coordinator

  • Attend monthly BPTC Training Coordinators Meeting
  • Identify training needs and course frequency
  • Assist in development and maintenance of training plans
  • Communicate staff training plans to managers, supervisors, and personnel
  • Initiate requests for training development through BPTC Training Development Request process
  • Assist with facilitating training classes, when needed
  • Provide feedback to BPTC, instructors, supervisors, and SMEs regarding training
  • Communicate within clusters any training information that may be helpful to colleagues
  • Gather feedback from colleagues within the cluster for suggestions on training improvements or new training initiatives

Process Owner/Process Contact

  • Ensure business processes are documented and up-to-date
  • Communicate process changes or updates to impacted areas
  • Assist with departmental training requests
  • Provide departmental training priorities
  • Provide Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Approve training content developed by BPTC

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Assist in identifying training needs
  • Offer departmental expertise for the subject
  • Assist with the course content development
  • Assist with identifying instructors and prerequisite courses
  • Assist with facilitating training classes and answering the subject related questions from users
  • Proactively collaborate with BPTC to ensure Business processes and/or training materials remain current


  • Assist with the course content development
  • Utilize the Instructor Checklist from the BPTC website
  • Review training materials provided by BPTC
  • Test training environment of SAP annually
  • Facilitate instructor-led training and hands-on labs
  • Print out class sign-in sheet and training materials
  • Return class sign-in sheet to BPTC after class
  • Provide feedback to BPTC after class
  • Notify BPTC of any training material updates needed

 Supervisor of Training Attendee

  • Identify training needs and communicate them to staff via assigned training plans
  • Initiate request for training development to Training Coordinators
  • Establish timeline for completion of training
  • Assign remedial training if needed
  • Distribute workload to allow for professional development and education of staff
  • Review training completion report to ensure supervised personnel have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform assigned work activities

Training Attendee

  • Understand training requirements and how they relate to work activities
  • Complete the training plan assigned by the Supervisor and/or Training Coordinator
  • Enroll and participate in courses
  • Complete any prerequisites before attending the class
  • If unable to attend a course, cancel enrollment at least five business days before the scheduled class date
  • Notify BPTC of any  special accommodations needed
  • If applicable, print training materials and bring them to the class
  • Provide feedback to instructors, supervisors, SMEs, and BPTC regarding training
  • Communicate progress of training to supervisor