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Expectations of Trainers for Business Services Process Courses

The goal of the training courses is to create an engaging and welcoming learning environment for participants that positively impacts a student's learning. It is essential that the class be structured to support the subject matter and the learning process by doing the following:

  • Be prepared to lead
  • Class material should be prepared in advance
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to class to greet attendees
  • Be knowledgeable on the subject matter
  • Be aware of: Data Usage Related to Training

Situations may arise that will make it difficult for you to present your training course. The training for new Business Services staff is a top priority. If you find yourself in a situation that will preclude your presenting your class, these expectations apply:

  • Find a substitute to teach your class. Your materials should have been prepared in advance so someone in your area should be able to step in for you.
  • If this is not possible, check with the participant's supervisor to assess their needs. If they are in need of immediate training, please try to reschedule with them as soon as possible. If the participants can wait until the next course offering, make sure they are aware of the date. Please keep the participant and participant's supervisor informed of changes in training schedules.
  • If there are Business Services participants that are in the Staff Development Program, please contact your Director before canceling and rescheduling the class.
  • Number of participants should not be a factor in determining whether to teach a course or not. However, if there are only one or two attendees, the trainer has the discretion to modify the training to provide the essential information. The participant may then choose to attend the full training at a later date.