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New Employee Orientation (NEO)

New Employee Orientation (NEO) for all Business Services benefits-eligible staff provides a consistent experience for all new hires and increases their productivity during their first days on the job.

Purdue transfers from outside of Business Services and interns can be included in NEO at the supervisor's discretion. Temporary employees, undergraduate students, graduate students, and transfers from within Business Services are not included in NEO. 


To register a new employee for NEO, the NEO Checklist must be attached and submitted with the employee's new hire paperwork at least six working days prior to the employee's desired NEO date.

Additionally, the employee must have permissions and roles assigned as of the Thursday prior to the session. Utilize the departmental computer support process to complete this step.

If these deadlines are not met, it cannot be guaranteed that the employee will be able to log in to a computer, access ESS, complete training registration, or participate in learning to navigate key Purdue websites.

Deadline example: For NEO taking place on Monday, June 2nd, forms must be turned in by 5:00PM on Friday, May 23rd.


Agenda & Agenda Distribution
The agenda lists the topics to be covered during NEO. The timeline may be adjusted due enrollment levels and/or participant needs.

On the Thursday prior to the session, BPTC will distribute the agenda to the hiring supervisor of each participant, and the participants themselves if they have already begun work.


NEO will be conducted every first and third Tuesday. The hiring supervisor will be invited to the meet-and-greet session.
Please see the BPTC Course Calendar for the orientation schedule.


Cancellation Policies
If the first or third Monday and Tuesday conflict with a University Holiday, NEO will not be conducted that week.

If less than four participants are registered for a given NEO date, the session may be cancelled or an an abbreviated agenda may be utilized.