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New Employee Orientation (NEO)

New Employee Orientation (NEO) for all Business Services benefits-eligible staff provides a consistent experience for all new hires and increases their productivity during their first days on the job.

The two-day orientation includes the following:

  • Completion of new-hire paperwork
  • Attainment of a staff ID and parking permit
  • An Employee Self Service (ESS) introduction
  • Training on SAP navigation
  • And much more

Purdue transfers from outside of Business Services and interns can be included in NEO at the supervisor's discretion. Temporary employees, undergraduate students, graduate students, and transfers from within Business Services are not included in NEO. 

The agenda lists the topics to be covered during NEO. On Day Two, the order of topics and timeline vary as they are adjusted to the needs of participants of each specific session. 

NEO will be conducted every first and third Monday and Tuesday. The hiring supervisor is invited to the Day Two meet-and-greet session.
Please see the BPTC Course Calendar for the orientation schedule.

It is imperative the PA form and NEO Checklist (to Payroll Appointment Service Center) and LAN Form (to computer support) are turned in by 5:00PM 6 working days prior to the desired start date to ensure that the new employee will have the correct system accesses on the first day of orientation.

If these deadlines are not met, it cannot be guaranteed that the employee will be able to log in to a computer or complete SAPNAV115, both being major elements of the BS NEO experience.

Deadline example: For NEO taking place on Monday, June 2nd, forms must be turned in by 5:00PM on Friday, May 23rd.

Cancellation Policies
If the first or third Monday and Tuesday conflict with a University Holiday, NEO will not be conducted that week.

If less than four participants are registered for a given NEO date, the orientation will be cancelled and participants will be invited to the next NEO. At least one session of NEO will be held each month, regardless of the number of participants. 

A Step Forward
We all desire to make a good first impression with our newly recruited staff, and we want to get their Purdue careers off to a great start. The Business Services NEO helps us to accomplish these goals.