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Materials Management

FM_MM Admin Functions
FM_MM GoodIssue Reversal Fund CostCenter_V01
FM_MM GoodIssue Reversal Orders MTY61
FM_MM GoodIssue Reversal PSCD MT51
FM_MM GoodIssue Reversal WBSE_MTY21
FM_MM LI01N Create Physical Inventory Document for WM
FM_MM LI11N Count Results WM
FM_MM LI14 Recount Inventory WM
FM_MM LI20 Clear Differences
FM_MM LI21 Clear Differences
FM_MM Material Scrapping Movement Type 551
FM_MM MB1A Goods Issue Collective
FM_MM MB03 View Material Document
FM_MM MB25 Reservation List
FM_MM MB52 Stock Overview Warehouse
FM_MM MD04 Stock Requirements List
FM_MM ME51N Create Requisition
FM_MM MI01 Create Physical Inventory Document
FM_MM MI02 Change Physical Inventory Document
FM_MM MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document
FM_MM MI04 Enter Inventory Count
FM_MM MI05 Recount
FM_MM MI07 Post Physical Inventory Difference
FM_MM Difference List
FM_MM MIGO Goods Issue to a Cost Center Movement Type 201
FM_MM MIGO Goods Receipt for Movement Type 101
FM_MM MIGO Goods Receipt for PO_Reversal Movement Type 102
FM_MM MIGO Hold Documents
FM_MM MIGO Initial Entry of Stock Levels Movement Type 561 562 Reversal
FM_MM MIGO Stock Transfer Reservations MT311
FM_MM MM01 Create Material Master
FM_MM MM02 Change Material Master
FM_MM MM03 Display Material Master
FM_MM MM04 Display the Changes Done to the Material Master
FM_MM MM06 Flag for Deletion
FM_MM MMBE Stock Overview Location
FM_MM SA38 Electronic Catalog Update
FM_MM Scrapping Reversal Movement Type 552
FM_MM ZPSCD External Billing Extract
FM_MM Grants Mgmt