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Reporting Resources

Portal Reports

In the SAP Portal under Financial Systems>Reports>FM - Funds Management, are several portal reports. 

Trend Reporting

  • 5 Year Expenditure Trend - Displays 5 years of expenditure data by FY, Fund, Fund Center and G/L Account.  Fiscal Month Number is available in the "Free Characteristics" section.
    • NOTE:  The current Fiscal Year will display Fiscal Year to Date while the previous Fiscal Years will represent the full fiscal year.


  • Monthly Budget Changes - Contains a detailed listing of budget transactions by Fiscal Year and/or by Funded Program.
  • Monthly Transactions - Listing of all transactions by Fiscal Year for Fund, Funds Center, Funded Program, and Internal Order; detailed information is available using the "Free Characteristics" section.
  • Operating Statement - Summary report of revenue and expenses by Commitment Item for a specified Fiscal Year Period.

In addition to the SAP Portal reports, several "shared" portal reports are available under Business Explorer>BEx Portfolio (Public Documents)>Shared>RIO/SIO.

  • RIO Listing - List of RIOs for a specified Cost Center (Master Data).
  • RIO Summary - Current and historical RIO allocation information and expense transactions.
  • SIO Listing - List of SIOs for a specified Funds Center (NOTE:  SIOs can be used on any Fund, Funds Center.  This report contains SIOs that have a transaction for the selected Funds Center).

RIO/SIO Resource Documents

  • RIO/SIO Decision Tree - This document walks staff through a series of questions to assist in the determination of using an RIO versus an SIO.
  • RIO/SIO Resource Table - This document provides staff with information on where to go to answer specific questions, such as, allocation information, balance information, listings of RIO or SIO, etc.
  • Portal Reports QRC - This document outlines the use of the portal reports and other resources.