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Reporting Information


  • 9/14/07, AIMS-FM and Budget Overview Reports (fmrp_rw_budget) have been updated to pull in full FY budget data. This enables end users to now use these reports for departmental projections, since the account balances now reflect GM budget transfer correctly. This was related to the GM 1/12 issue on budget documents.

Business Warehouse Reporting

Business Warehouse Report Crosswalk: Listing of all the DSS standard reports with their counterpart to the OnePurdue reports.

Business Warehouse Report Listing: Listing of all the Business Warehouse reports along with a definition of the reports from Release 1. Click here to print a copy of the report listing.

Sponsored Program Services (SPS) Grant Management Reports: Provides detailed information on SPS Grant Management Business Warehouse reports.

Core Component (R/3) Reporting

Monthly Financial Reporting - This page contains several resources to help faculty and staff members learn and use new OnePurdue monthly financial reports.

OnePurdue Shared Tips: Provides tips created and shared by end users.


  • What report do I use to review account balances (replaces SMUR)?
    • For "Budgeted" Funds use AIMS FM which contains Budget, Income, Expenses and Commitments.
    • For "Budgeted" Funds use T-Code fmrp_rw_budget (Budget Overview) which has drill down functionality.
    • For non-budgeted funds use T-Code GR55/Report Group Z100, Trial Balance by Fund. Z100 report group contains Assets, Equity, Revenue and Expense.
      • NOTE: On the GR55/Z100 report, capital equipment is recorded under 1XXXXX section. If you want details on your capital equipment, execute "All Postings" report for capital equipment commitment item (537200) - T-code FMRP_RFFMEP1AX.
  • Other useful reports for account balance information.
    • Operating Statement: T-Code GR55/ZOPS report group. ZOPS report group contains Income/Expense by Period and YTD totals.
    • Total Plan vs. Actual: T-Code S_ALR_87013018/SIO report group.
    • Life-to-Date data for legacy funds 116, 117, and 202 use AIMS FM and select multiple years.
  • Can you retrieve vendor name on the All Postings Report?
    • To view "vendor name" on the All Postings Report (t-code fmrp_rffmep1ax) select the field "Name 1".

GM AIMS Projections Program change when upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 (Update as of 06/01/09)