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PageCenter Benefits

WEB Application Using Existing Security

  • PageCenter is a web based application so there is no need for other software on your PC.
  • The information is accessible almost anywhere, anytime.
  • Since its web based, some security was needed to ensure access by authorized staff, however we are using the existing mainframe Top Secret security so staff can use their existing ACID. We do not have to use a different or additional ID and Password.
  • Note: You can be logged in to PageCenter and the mainframe at the same time.
  • Changing your password for the ACID can be done easily on the PageCenter Login screen. (When you can change your password on PageCenter, it will be changed if you go to sign on to the mainframe.)
  • Links from Sign on screen to training material, tips and other info.
  • Sign on screen can display scheduled system down


  • System is easy to use
  • Separate categories for Types of Reports (Financial vs. HR vs. Student)
  • There is a FIND button
  • More search (Find) capabilities:
    • You can search Forward or Backward, From Top, Bottom or Current Location Starting from a specified line And you can select Columns to search
    • When the search string is found, it appears in red. If you're toward the end of the report it will go to the beginning to continue the search.
    • There is a Cancel Button to stop a search.
  • Have a Find next button.
  • There are Buttons for:
    • Top, PageUp, PageDown, Bottom
    • GotoPage
    • Zoom In, Zoom Out (and with your browser you can further decrease the font by clicking View/Decrease Font)
  • Cut and paste to send as an e-mail attachment is simple.
  • Can save reports as a file and open in Excel or Word. (Can use this feature to sort reports in another way. This can be especially useful for a one-time need to have data in another order.)
  • Can use the Print Preview feature of the web browser
  • PageCenter provides an Indexing feature that can be used to more quickly locate a report page. This is being used in the Financial Reports in FINSNSTV application and for the Txn Ledger report in the FINRESTR applications.
  • PageCenter provides Page Decollation, which is used in the Section Enrollment and Course Over subscription reports that are in the PUBALL application. One section enrollment report is imported into multiple section pagesets, based on academic department.

Overall Benefits

  • More reports can be put in PageCenter.
  • More generations of a report can be available in PageCenter.
  • Can have multiple reports open at the same time. Or you can open multiple copies of the same report by clicking on new window. Then Alt-Tab to the window that has the report list and open another report.
  • Reports are available as soon as they are generated on the mainframe. Thus if a report is generated in the morning work hours, its available immediately in PageCenter. Reports might be available thru PageCenter when other IT resources are down (such as CICS). Paper reports normally received on Monday may be available on Saturday.
  • Can reduce or eliminate Fiche copies of some reports.
  • Can reduce or eliminate Paper copies of some reports.