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WAI Official Mail List


This mail list provides official WAI information and notices to WAI end users. For example, server downtime, refresh problems, version changes, changes to existing data or new data, tool related issues, standard applications and other need to know information. Another purpose of this mail list is to provide the public forum to discuss and share information about Window to Administrative Information (WAI). For example, helpful tips on how to use the technology, how to do ad hoc queries, ask other end users WAI related questions and share some of these answers or solutions.


To join the WAI Official mail list visit the public mailing lists. By following the instructions on the web site, you can subscribe to WAIOFF-L and other mail lists at Purdue.


Discussion on this mail list is unmoderated, so anyone who is subscribed to this mail list can post a WAI related topic at any time. Standard etiquette applies at all times. You should address your message as follows:

To: WAIOFF-L@lists.purdue.edu.

Subject: Begin this line with the area that this message pertains to (ie. PageCenter,DSS)

Body: Enter your message in the body of the e-mail

If you have questions about the WAIOFF mail list, please contact the WAI Business Analyst.


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