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Requesting New or Improved Data in DSS

Procedures for requesting a new DSS data field be added to the WAI - DSS service are outlined below.

  1. The requester contacts the Data Steward responsible for the data.
  2. The Data Steward will determine if the new field is restricted or secured. If a restricted/secured issue arises, the Data Steward will work with the appropriate staff to determine the classification of the data. The Data Steward will either approve or deny adding the field to the tables.
  3. If the new field has been approved, the Data Steward will work with the WAI Business Analyst to complete IT's RFS (Request for Service) form.
  4. The RFS will be classified and prioritized.
  5. The Data Steward is responsible for communicating/coordinating the training on any new data fields, as well as the overall communications with the requesters during this process.

Data inaccuracies and errors should be reported to the WAI Support Team.