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Query Sharing Process

Two processes have been developed to support the Standard and Shared Query development. These processes will allow individual DSS/Brio users to share queries that they feel other DSS/Brio query users would find useful. The overall goal of these processes is to save users query development time. An added benefit to sharing queries is that new DSS/Brio users can gain ideas on how this new tool has been applied in other areas, as well as increase their knowledge of customization and other Brio techniques.

"Shared Query" Process

There are three roles in the "Shared Query" Process:

"Standard Query" Process

There are two ways to generate Standard Queries. One is to develop and update Shared Queries that have been well-received by users. These queries are brought forward by the Cluster Reviewers. The second way to generate Standard Queries is to develop them specifically to be shared on the Standard Query repositories.

The following "Standard Query" Process includes both query mechanisms described above and involves the following people: