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DSS Standard and Shared Queries

DSS Standard and Shared Queries are queries that have been developed by various users of the DSS Data Models. Developers of these queries believe that other DSS users could find them useful in fulfilling similar needs across other university departments. The definition of each is shown below:

Shared Queries

Shared Queries are developed by clients based on requests for data or out of a clients own creativity. When clients determine these queries to have cross-functional application they are shared on a test basis. All use of Shared Queries should be on a "Use at Your Own Risk" basis.

Standard Queries

Standard Queries which have been created either to be Standard Queries or have been Shared Queries are ones that have gone through a validation process by the WAI Support Team. These queries have been determined to run accurately, efficiently and have been modified to include variable limits.

Anyone who has developed a query which has proven helpful and efficient should consider sharing the query with other DSS users through the query sharing process. A complete query catalog is maintained through this Web site.