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The Parallel Hint

An Alternative for Long-Running Brio Queries

Hints are Oracle keywords that can be used to direct how a single query will be processed. One particular hint that has provided improvement for very long running queries (under our current processing configuration) is the PARALLEL hint.

The following instructions explain how to insert the PARALLEL hint into a Brio query that utilizes a data model (for HR/Financial and/or Student data models):

  • while in the Query tab of your Brio query, double click on the FIRST item in the Request line.

  • Place the cursor in front of the full item name that is located in the large text box in the Definition section and type: /*+ PARALLEL(HINT) */

  • Change the Datatype from "Automatic" to a specific datatype, such as String, Real Number or Date, to avoid having Brio misinterpret the data (Brio sometimes chooses an incorrect datatype when a Request line item is modified).

  • Click OK.

  • Save the revised query.