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Business Explorer Tab

What is the Business Explorer Tab?

The Business Explorer tab provides super and power users with the capability of sharing non-standard BEx queries with each other as well as end users.  End users do not need the BEx querying tool to execute a link in the Business Explorer tab.  End users will only have the functionality of executing a query link. 

For example, a super or power user creates an adhoc query to be shared with an end user in their office, the super or power user will contact the SSG Reporting team to create a link to the query in the Business Explorer tab.  The end user will then be able to navigate to the tab to execute the query.


Business Explorer Tab Structure

The tab will open in a new window to the Overview screen.  The “BEx Portfolio (Public Documents)” section displays the shared query links.  The “My Portfolio (Personal BEx Documents)” section is for personal queries links and these links are not available to other users.  The “BEx Broadcaster” section provides super and power users the capability of scheduling a query.

The BEx Portfolio (Public Documents) section is structured by folders.  The top level folder is laid out by clusters, business areas, and regional campuses.  The second level represents each college, business area and regional campus. 

The top level folder also contains a shared folder for queries that need to be executed by a wider audience rather than a specific department.  If a query is determined to have a cross-functional application, it is shared in this folder.  The queries are “Use at Your Own Risk”; a formal validation process has not been completed on the query. 

The tab will only be used to share links to adhoc queries.  Other types of documents (i.e. word, text, or Excel) will not be allowed in the tab.  These documents will be immediately deleted by the System Administrator.


General Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)


Super and Power Users Information:

Super and power users who wish to share an adhoc query created in BEx Query Designer with another power or end user can do so through the Business Explorer tab.  In order to share a “Y” query through the tab, the BEx query must be converted to a “Z” query.  Refer to the section “Requesting a Query Link” for the process of creating a shared query link.

Super and power users can create query links for “Y” queries but other power or end users will not be able to execute the query.  It must be saved as a “Z” query to be available to all user groups.

Requesting a Query Link

For information on how to request a query link to be shared with all user groups, please review Requesting a Query Link.

Updates and maintenance to the BEx query will be the responsibility of the query owner.  The Reporting team is only responsible for creating the shared query link.

Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)

The following QRCs provide steps on how to utilize the functionality in the Business Explorer tab:

  • How to Create a New Folder – This QRC provides instruction on how to create a new folder.
  • How to Delete a Folder or Query Link – This QRC outlines how to delete a folder or query link.
  • How to Link a Query – This QRC instructs users on how to save a query link in the tab.  These instructions are for “Y” queries that will not be executed by other users.  If a super or power user needs to share a query with other user groups, refer to the Requesting a Query Link section.
  • How to Move a Query Link - This QRC instructs users how to move a query link to different folders.


General Maintenance

The contents in the Business Explorer tab will periodically be reviewed to determine if query links are still needed.  An owner may be notified by the Reporting team about specific query links to determine if that link is still needed.