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A workgroup is a role within the Business Warehouse that allows super and power users to share queries with other super and power users in that workgroup. Workgroups are only available to super and power users; end users will not have access to workgroups.

To review the workgroup creation process, please follow the Business Warehouse Workgroup Process. The workgroup process outlines the steps to establishing a workgroup as well as who is responsible for completing the step.

Requesting a New Workgroup

For a complete guide to requesting and managing workgroups, please review How To Create and Use Workgroups.

The first step in the process is to complete the New Workgroup Request Form.

The form requests information regarding the workgroup such as the name of the workgroup and an explanation for the creation of the workgroup. To add members to the new workgroup, the owner will need to submit a request through the OnePurdue Role Request Form.

In addition, a workgroup owner (who is a super or power user) will need to be identified on the form. The workgroup owner will be responsible for maintaining the contents of the workgroup as well as be the contact person for the WAI Support Team.

A business justification will also be required when completing the request form. The justification provides the WAI Support Team with information on why the workgroup is required. The WAI Support Team has been provided with criteria to establishing workgroups from the Enterprise Reporting Advisory Committee. If the workgroup does not clearly meet the established criteria, the WAI Support Team will consult with the Enterprise Reporting Advisory Committee on how to proceed with the request.

Once a workgroup has been established, the role will be placed on the OnePurdue Role Request Form.

Deleting an Existing Workgroup

If a workgroup has already been established and is no longer being used, please fill out the Delete A Workgroup Form. The workgroup owner must complete this form, and once a workgroup has been deleted, members must be deleted from the workgroup by following the procedure in the Adding or Deleting a Member in a Workgroup section.

Adding or Deleting a Member in a Workgroup

To add or delete a member in the workgroup, the workgroup owner will need to submit a request through the OnePurdue Role Request Form.