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Resources and Tools

Business Management Task Checklist

Listing of tasks to be performed by Business Management staff. Includes task description, resources and due dates

Business Manager 1st Year Experience Working Document

Staff in the Business Management area have a wide range of responsibilities.  This Business Management First Year Experience tool is intended to serve as an active checklist for new employees in Business Management to track their exposure to a variety of topics.  We hope that are staff in Business Management find a way to learn about and practice the skills in this tool within their first year of employee.  The checklist provides links to policies and training resources for many of the content areas.



Graduate Appointment Manuals

One Purdue Tips

SharePoint site that  includes some “helpful hints” for using OnePurdue. Many of these have been created and shared by end users like yourself. All have been reviewed and tested to confirm that they work. However, results have not necessarily been validated against any report standards, so please be cautious. Always review and validate your results. These tips are not intended to provide final answers to your OnePurdue questions but to help you learn to use the system to perform your job.

Healthy Living Resources

Other Resources & Tools


PRF website and guidelines for use of PRF Funds

Process Improvement


Sponsored Programs


Staff Development