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Business Process Managers

Business process manager positions have been a part of business services for the last few years. The positions were created to compliment the services provided by business services staff, business managers and business office support staff.

The business process manager positions perform a variety of tasks. Individuals in these positions may work on special projects, serve as temporary resources in departmental business offices during long term absences or vacancies, or may conduct business compliance reviews.

The business process managers will also play a role in communicating business process improvements or best practices to the business manager community. Business process managers are frequently involved in new training opportunities for business services staff.

For more information about the various tasks completed by the business process managers, please check out the following descriptions.

Special Projects

The business process managers are available to assist with special projects within Business Services areas.

Special project requests will be handled in a manner similar to the business compliance review requests. To request that a business process manager work on a special project, please submit your request to your Director of Financial Affairs (DFA). The DFA may forward the request to the Director of Business Managers.

Temporary Resources

Long term absences or vacancies in a business office can make it difficult to maintain a high level of service. To help ease the excess workload due to the absence or vacancy, business process managers are also available to serve as temporary resources.

If you know of a pending absence or vacancy and would like to schedule a business process manager to work in your area, please submit your request through the appropriate Director of Financial Affairs to the Director of Business Managers.

Business Compliance Reviews

Business compliance reviews may be initiated based upon requests from the Business Services Directors or from the Directors of Financial Affairs (DFA's) in the colleges. Reviews may cover topics ranging from financial to procurement to human resources.

Reviews will require the assistance of business managers and business office support staff. Prior to each review, the business process managers, working closely with central office staff, will identify the departments to be reviewed as well as the documentation needed for each review. Business managers and their support staff will play a vital role in preparing materials in advance of the review.

After the compliance reviews have been completed, the results will be analyzed. Recommendations will be made to the directors and comptroller, if applicable. All process improvements resulting from the compliance review will be communicated to business managers and others via showcase or other appropriate means.