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  • Detailed Directory of Business Managers by Cluster - The Business Management structure consists of five (5) cluster managers that report directly to the Director of Business Managers. Each Cluster Manager serves as Director of Financial Affairs for a college as well as overseeing a cluster of several colleges or areas with similar characteristics.
  • Cluster Managers - The cluster managers serve as a leadership team for the Director of Business Managers. The Directors of Financial Affairs oversee the business aspects of a college or area and supervise the various staff involved in providing services, including Business Managers, Account or Business Assistants, and Account Clerks.
  • Training Coordinators - Business Management places a high priority on customer service, which includes the on-going development and training of staff in the organization. Training Coordinators are Business Office staff who represent their cluster or college on committees and task forces engaged in planning, prioritizing, and implementing training of various types.
  • Directory of Pre-Auditors - Preauditors assure that corrections and/or changes to sponsored program accounts are appropriate.
  • Business Management Liaisons and Subject Matter Experts (SME's) - Selected Business Management staff who provide a communication link between the Central Offices and Business Management.
    • List of Business Manager Liaisons
    • Role of the Business Manager Liaisons
    • Expectations of Subject Matter Experts Members
    • The expectations of Subject Matter Experts is to work with the Business Manager Liaison to identify training needs, provide suggestions for process improvements and service as a resource to end users.  SME’s will also be asked to assist with testing, reviewing training materials and training.

  • List of Subject Matter Experts