Purdue Offers New International Medical and Evacuation Travel Coverage - 03/31/09

A new medical and evacuation coverage package is available for Purdue University faculty, staff, and students who travel outside the United States on approved University business.

Purdue Risk Manager Mark Kebert says the new program is a significant enhancement over the current one. This coverage is required for all travel outside the U.S.

Following is a snapshot of the program coverage:
Medical Insurance, including hospital, surgical, in-patient/out-patient, mental/nervous conditions, dental, ambulance and prescription drug coverage, providing assistance in locating suitable medical facilities
Evacuation Coverage for medical reasons and non-medical reasons, including political unrest and natural disasters
Travel Assistance includes security assistance global threat monitoring, and country risk updates; and travel assistance lost travel documents, lost luggage, legal consultations and referral, ID theft recovery, and emergency cash transfer
Coverage for Spouse and Dependent Children is available for these travel companions for a separate fee outside of the Purdue program
Other coverage applies

Faculty and staff may find that the program has more comprehensive coverage than the MEDEX or SOS programs they currently purchase for their travels, according to Kebert. The cost is more competitive as well. The program for faculty/staff is $38.60 per month of travel, and for students it is $32 per month of travel.

The program allows faculty, staff, and students to secure emergency assistance abroad by calling, emailing, or texting an emergency assistance provider On-Call International.

The most important features of this program are the evacuation, emergency, and travel assistance coverage, Kebert said, noting that these are non-existent or minimal under traditional medical and work comp programs.

Because the new program provides coverage for evacuation associated with medical, political unrest, as well as natural disaster situations, the program equips faculty, staff, and students with a very powerful tool to assist them in controlling their own safety while traveling abroad, he added.

It is an important coverage that focuses on our most important resource, our people, he said.

Details about this new medical and evacuation coverage package can be viewed on the Risk Management Web site. This site includes a link to the underwriter’s Web site, which will include a copy of the policy language, coverage details, policy limits, and conditions of coverage.

Faculty and staff will secure this coverage and have their designated account charged for the cost via Form 17 Travel Form. The Form 17 is currently being revised and will be available Wednesday, April 1 for faculty and staff. It will provide directions for securing the coverage.

With the help of respective Business Office staff, students are automatically enrolled for this coverage by participating in approved study-abroad programs in conjunction with the Office of Programs for Study Abroad.

For international activities arranged by faculty members and/or departments, the faculty member or departmental designee will access this coverage by completing Form RM-23 on the Risk Management Web site and following the directions on the form.

The student sign-up process remains the same.

For more information, please contact Laurie Kiser in the Risk Management Department by calling 496-7440 or by emailing Risk Manager Mark Kebert also can be reached at 494-1689 or