Travel Office Invites Staff to Use Online Travel Agency - 10/14/08

Note: This article first appeared on the Business @ Purdue News Web site on Sept. 30. It has been rerun to correct the link for the Create an Egencia User Account form below.

Purdue’s Central Travel Office wants University employees to know they can sign up for an account with Egencia Corporate Travel, the University’s preferred online travel agency.

Formerly known as Expedia Corporate Travel, Egencia offers an easy-to-use interface, options and tools for booking airline travel, hotel reservations, car rentals, and other necessities for travelers.

A travel-arranger feature allows for approved, trained Certified Travel Arrangers, or CTAs, in individual departments. Staff and faculty who create an itinerary can email it to their CTA for booking on the CTA's p-card. The name of the CTA for a particular żoffice is available from the corresponding business office.

ECT’s features and benefits include: 
     -- Easy traveler and travel arranger functionality
     -- Ability to book airfare and hotel on personal credit cards or Certified Travel Arranger’s p-card 
     -- Use of frequent flyer and frequent hotel stay programs 
     -- Storage for program numbers and travel preferences in user profiles that will automatically populate travel itineraries 
     -- Easy-view hotel negotiated rates, many with significant discounts and for rooms with business-related amenities 
     -- Repeat trip functionality to duplicate previous trips, make needed adjustments, and check for availability 
     -- Easy-to-view trips and itineraries 
     -- A 24-hour hold on eligible flights with many major carriers (except for Northwest Airlines) 
     -- Ability to receive Central Travel Office broadcast messages upon log-in
     -- Worldwide system access, online support, and international expert travel assistance with toll-free numbers 
     -- Central management reports to assist Central Travel Office to negotiate deeper discounts in rates for airfare, hotel, and car rental

To set up an Egencia Corporate Travel account:
     -- Visit the Egencia Web site and follow the instructions to Create an Egencia User Account form.
     -- Once the Central Travel Office approves the set-up, log onto Egencia Corporate Travel with user name and the password provided via email. 
     -- Users may click “My Profile” under the gray bar at the top of any page to add their name. Name should be added as it appears in the Purdue payroll system. Users may also add preferences, frequent flyer program numbers, and other personal information. (Note: There is a place in profile to store credit card numbers. However, according to Purdue's security standard, credit card numbers should not be stored in any online system.)
     -- As soon as Purdue’s Central Travel Office approves a user’s profile, that individual may begin purchasing travel.

Purdue’s Central Travel Office recommends reviewing the Egencia’s traveler resources page to ensure users have everything they need to book their travel. More information may be obtained through the Egencia service support request form available online or by calling (800) 742-3943. The Purdue Travel Group may also be contacted by email at