University Collections Office Reminds Cash Handling Areas to Review Cash Handling Expectations and Training - 10/16/12

The University Collections Office, UCO asks cash handling administrators, business office managers and fiscal directors to review the Cash Handling Expectations found on the Cash Handling page of the UCO website.

The expectations detail the responsibilities of everyone involved in cash handling, when and what should be on file with UCO, and how UCO will report and monitor the status of a department’s cash handling plan for management and internal audit review.

All existing cash-handling areas should have a completed cash-handling plan and separation of duties assignments, referred to as CHP, on file with UCO dated February 2007 or later. The date corresponds with procedural changes due to migration to SAP.

Cash Handling procedural changes and/or new cash handling activities will require the submission of a new CHP. The status of cash handling areas’ CHP, titled Departmental Cash Handling Status Report, is available for review online. UCO is updating this CHP Status Report monthly. Management responsible for their respective cash handling areas should review the report and take the appropriate action if needed.

Abbreviations that may be used to reference the status of the CHP include:

  • A — Action is requested. A new electronic CHP is recommended to be submitted to UCO.
  • C — UCO has completed the CHP review and may have provided suggestions to enhance departmental cash handling procedures.
  • CR — CHP review is complete with recommendations forwarded to the cash handling department. Recommendations are made if there is a deficiency that adversely affects the department’s internal control.
  • IP — CHP is in the process of being reviewed by UCO.

Supporting the expectations is the interactive Web-based cash handling course, “BCASH 100—Cash Handling.” UCO recommends that all staff members assigned to a cash handling task complete the course to help ensure they know their duties and understand their role in the cash handling process.

“BCASH 100—Cash Handling” reviews current University cash handling guidelines, identifies departmental roles and responsibilities for effective internal control. The course also details the information needed for accurate completion of the required Cash Handling Plan and Separation of Duties Schedule A and Schedule B. The University Cash Handling Manual provides the details of the course content.

To register for the online “BCASH 100—Cash Handling” course, please follow these steps:
     1. Click BCASH 100—Cash Handling to open the Training Registration site.
     2. Click “Add to Cart” button.
     3. Click “Checkout.”
     4. Log in with Purdue career account and password.
     5. Review the information that displays. If correct, click “Submit.”
     6. Review the registration information. If correct, click “Process Registration.” Within 24 hours of enrolling, registrants can expect to find “BCASH 100” on their Blackboard course list.
     7. Access Blackboard by logging in to the Blackboard (Purdue Non-academic Campus) portal, available through the Business Services Training and Communications website.

Questions about the online course may be directed to the Business Services Training and Communications team at

For more information about the cash handling process, please contact UCO at