Training Team Launches New, Comprehensive Course Listings Website - 11/20/12

The Business Services training team has created a new Course List SharePoint website dedicated to up-to-date links and information about all the Business Services training courses, including class offerings, schedules, materials, and registration.

The new website replaces the course list previously located on the Business Services Training & Communications website. It ensures that the information on the course list, PREMIS registration, and training calendar is current, complete and consistent.
The new site allows visitors to sort and search by course name, course number, scheduled date, and location. Links from the main page take users to the course materials, the course’s corresponding Premis registration page, and a new course calendar.

Because the link to the course calendar is also new, staff will want to update the calendar bookmark in their “Favorites.” 

The training team demonstrated the new site to training coordinators Tuesday, Nov. 13. The page went live Monday, Nov. 19.

Please direct questions about the new site to