TIP: Keep Job-Related Knowledge Current with Online Training in Blackboard - 02/23/10

Many of the online courses offered through Blackboard are aimed at helping staff hone their basic job skills.

Basic skills courses provide a fundamental overview of several areas of University business and are available to staff with their Purdue career account and password.

Courses presented via Blackboard are available to employees at their convenience. For staff new to Purdue, the material serves as an introduction to business processes. For long-time staff, the courses provide a comprehensive review.

Basic skills courses are available in Accounts Payable (BAP100), Data Handling and Security (BDHAS 100), Grants Management (BGM 100), Master Data (BMD 100), Human Resources (HROV 101), and Public Sector Collections and Disbursements (PSCD 100).

Access to the courses is available through PREMIS via the Business Services Training and Communications (BSTC) Web site by clicking “Register for Courses” located in the right column. Once logged in, click “Business Systems” then “Basic Skills” for a list of courses and descriptions, then complete the registration.

After registering, wait 24 hours and log into Blackboard (Purdue Non-academic Campus), also accessible through the BSTC Web site and open the course. Navigation instructions will be included.

For more information, please contact the