Online Training Courses Moving to Blackboard Learn - 10/23/12

Online Business Services training courses are shifting from Blackboard Vista to the new Blackboard Learn on Nov. 1. Staff who enroll in online training after the change will notice a different look and feel to the site, while gaining much quicker access to their courses.

For years, online training offered by Business Services was not accessible in Blackboard Vista for 24 hours following enrollment. With the change to Blackboard Learn, courses typically will be available within 10 minutes after the enrollment is completed.

Several frequently asked questions follow to assist staff. Please refer additional questions about the change from Blackboard Vista to Blackboard Learn, and about the new site itself, to


How do I get into my online classes?
Enrollment is completed the same as before at the Business Services training registration site. Wait about 10 minutes and log on to Blackboard Learn at You should see that your new course has been added to your course list.

How do I access my training going forward?
All online classes you register for after Nov. 1 will be found on Blackboard Learn.

Can I get back into my previous courses to review or do I need to reregister?
Your previous courses will be available in Blackboard Vista until Dec. 1. After that date, you will have to reregister and start over in Blackboard Learn.

What do I do if I haven’t finished a course by Dec. 1?
Please try to finish your courses in Blackboard Vista by Dec. 1. After that date, if you have not completed your courses, you will have to reregister for them in Blackboard Learn. You may wish to have access to the course materials for future reference, and you can reregister for the courses to gain that access.

How do I register for Business Services training classes?
You continue to enroll as before at the Business Services training registration site.

May I reregister for classes I’ve already taken?
Yes, you are welcome to reregister to have access to the materials.

Did Business Services Training keep my course completion data?
Data will be archived in December 2012.

Can I register my employees for training?
No, staff members can register only themselves for training. The Business Services training registration system, PREMIS, requires career account authentication before granting access. Therefore, staff must register themselves.

How long after I complete my registration can I can access my course?
Great news! Only about 10 minutes, and usually even faster than that.

Do I still have to wait 24 hours?
No, only about 10 minutes.

Who do I contact if my registration doesn’t go through as expected?
Please email if something goes wrong with your registration.

Who do I contact if I have trouble with course content?
Please email if you are having trouble with the course content.

Why are we changing?
ITaP is transitioning to Blackboard Learn for all academic courses, and Business Services must change as well. Business Services’ deadline to be moved off registering with Blackboard Vista is Oct. 31.

When does Blackboard Learn go into effect?
Courses registered for by or after Nov. 1 will be in available in Blackboard Learn at