Online Training Available for Form 52, ‘Request for Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts’ - 06/2/11

The new online, self-directed Form 52A training is available for Purdue staff who request wire transfers and foreign drafts.

The training provides detailed instructions on the various components on the form and a step-by-step guide on how to properly fill it out. The training also includes a glossary of terms to assist staff with the definition of terms throughout the form.

To access the training materials and complete the certification, please log on to WebCert website using your career account and password and click “The Office of Treasury Operations” near the bottom. From there, the “Form 52A” training is accessible.

Please note that when signing into the material, participants may be prompted to enter their log-in information again. Because the training is housed in a secure SharePoint site, staff need to type “onepurdue\username” and their password to access the material. If “onepurdue\” is not entered in front of the username, the field will auto fill with “\username” and deny access.

Questions or comments about the Form 52A training may be directed to the Office of Treasury Operations by email at or by phone at 494-7443.