New Employee Orientation Reminder - 07/20/10

Now that the hiring freeze at Purdue has been lifted, Business Services supervisors and departments are reminded that newly hired full-time staff’s first day on the job should be the first or third Mondays each month to correspond with the New Employee Orientation (NEO) schedule.

Orientations are conducted twice monthly on the first and third Monday and Tuesday. In the event of a Monday holiday, NEO will be given on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A Business Services New Employee Orientation Checklist, a Personnel Action (PA) Form and a Form 13 must be completed for each full-time new hire attending NEO and turned in to the Human Resources Service Center by 5 p.m. two Fridays prior to the Monday session. Please print the checklist on green paper, to alert HRSC that the new hire will attend NEO, and attach the PA Form and Form 13.

The next NEO will be Aug. 2 and 3.

For more information about NEO, please contact the Business Services Training and Communications team at or check the NEO page of the Training & Communications website.