New Employee Orientation Available for Business Services’ New Hires - 01/25/11

Business Services’ New Employee Orientation (NEO) introduces all new hires to the policies, practices and culture of Business Services. The two-day orientation is intended to provide new employees a solid foundation for their career in Business Services at Purdue University.

To assure newly hired Business Services employees a space at NEO, as well as system access on their first day, departments must adhere to the process for submitting paperwork for new employees.

Required paperwork includes a Personnel Action Form and, unless the employee is biweekly, an unsigned HRS Form 13. Both forms are available for downloading from the Business Forms Used at Purdue University website.

The completed forms must be stapled to a GREEN Business Services New Employee Orientation Checklist, which can be downloaded from the NEO website.

Green checklists send a signal that the attached paperwork belongs to a new hire scheduled to attend the next NEO. Service center staff will then enter the new employee’s information into the system, generating communication to departments and presenters participating in NEO.

NEO aligns with Business Services’ new employee’s hire dates, which are the first and third Mondays of every month. NEO is scheduled for the first and third Mondays and Tuesdays of the month. When a holiday falls on one of the designated Mondays, the hire date is the first or third Tuesday instead, and NEO is held on Tuesday and Wednesday. All new-hire paperwork (with the green checklist) must be received by the deadline date.

The Business Services Training and Communications Team asks supervisors or training coordinators to send the curriculum lists for their new employees to, and BSTC will complete the course registration for the new employee’s first three months.

To obtain more information about NEO, please visit the NEO website or contact NEO presenter Cindy Davis of the BSTC Team.