Tips for Submitting Online Role Requests - 05/21/09

The automated SAP Role Request Application, now available through the Role Request Application Web site, contains a few new elements to keep in mind. 

Some of those include:

-- Person Name, Person ID, and Org Unit ID are no longer necessary. With position-based security, roles are assigned or inactivated on the position.

-- An “On behalf of” feature has been added. Use this when completing the role request form “on behalf of” someone else; i.e. Susie Payroll Clerk is completing the form “on behalf of” Joe Supervisor. This is not to be used for the incumbent in the position. 

-- Both the SAP display and technical name are listed, so it is easier to find the role being looked for.

-- There are now “Restricted Roles” that require additional justification. When unable to find a role being sought, please check that category in case it is there.

Questions about the application or any part of requesting SAP roles, including what role to request, can be directed to Brenda Walling, security administrator, Business Services Computing, 496-2242.