RESEARCH GRANTS: Process for Cost Sharing on Grad Students Revised - 10/28/08

The Office of the Vice President for Research has announced a change in the process for cost sharing on SIRG (Strategic Initiative Research Grant) graduate students.

Effective immediately, this cost share will be set up as an internal order within the grant. In the past, this cost share was established as a separate grant, and a memo watch was required to document the cost share commitment. With this change, the grant will be listed under the one main sponsored grant.

This change applies only to SIRG graduate students. The process for establishing accounts for XR PRF graduate students is not changing.

The process was revised to simplify access to the accounting information for the principal investigator and business office staff. Previously, they needed to type in two different grant numbers to review the account information.

For more information, call Christy Haddock, director of financial affairs, Office of the Vice President for Research, at 494-1642, or send an email to