Update Provided to Summer Salary Budgeting Process in Coeus - 04/21/09

A new Coeus process is available for budgeting summer salaries for academic year (AY) employees. Changes involve appointment types, job codes, and entering data into the Budget Persons screen.

The 10M appointment type or the EZ2 job code designations may no longer be used. According to a review of the previous process, the budget estimate is more accurate when the 9M type is used for both the budgeted AY and summer salaries.

It is no longer necessary to add personnel to the Budget Persons “Running Man” screen in Coeus twice, with separate job codes and appointment types. To budget both AY and summer pay, enter faculty on the Budget Persons “Running Man” screen once, using the 9M appointment type with the EZZ job code.
Please ensure that AY and summer pay are separated by the appropriate dates in the personnel budget details “Strong Man” screen and that both the academic and summer designations are applied in the period column.

When budgeting the academic time period for salary purposes, always use Aug. 15 as the start of the fall semester and May 14 as the end of the spring semester. If these dates are not used, the budget will not calculate accurately.

For further detailed instructions, please visit Purdue’s Coeus Web site or go directly to the Budget Persons section of the online user guide.

Users whose budgets are already in progress are not required to revise their salary lines, but they can if they want. Starting June 1, however, all proposals submitted to Sponsored Program Services (SPS) must use the new summer salary budgeting method.

For more information, please contact Chris Tompkins by email at or by phone at 496-9651.