SPS Points Out Impact of New College on Grant Establishment - 05/13/10

With the coming formation of the College of Health and Human Services effective July 1, Sponsored Programs Services (SPS) will begin to establish new SP/IO’s (Sponsored Programs /internal orders) or grants where appropriate for these departments: Health and Kinesiology, Nursing, Health Sciences, Psychological Sciences, and Speech Language and Hearing Sciences.
The creation of the new accounts will impact departments other than those moving to the new college in the following situations:

1. Establishment of new IO’s on grants with RCC (responsible cost centers) not in departments affected by new college (for example, grant RCC is Discovery Park (DP) and Nursing has one SP/IO)
     a. No direct impact to the grant RCC other than the addition of an SP/IO.
     b. Additional SP/IOs will be added to the grant for department affected by the new college.

2. Establishment of new grant with RCC in department affected by new college
     a. Direct impact to all RCCs involved in the project.
     b. New SP/IO’s will be created for all IO’s on previous grant.

SPS says the establishment of the new accounts will begin immediately and hopes they will conclude by June 15.