GM-AIMS Reports and Projection Application to Go Live in August - 07/15/10

The OnePurdue Business Warehouse will implement new GM-AIMS reports in August along with a new account projection application.

The new GM-AIMS reports, written in Cognos, are similar to the current GM-AIMS with added fields and features, which include:

 new balance trend reports
 a summarized and a detailed Account List
 added fields purchase order number, vendor, description to transaction listing
 new payroll transaction listing reports
 new faculty technical notifications reports
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With the addition of an account projection application, users can project salaries and expenses on their sponsored program accounts. They also can:

 obtain a projected salary detail report for a sponsored program
 use default values to project fringe benefits and graduate fee remits
 view projected salary calculation details for a sponsored program
 obtain a projected monthly breakdown of salaries for a sponsored program

Training for business office and SPS staff on the use of the new reports in GM-AIMS is scheduled for July 27, 28 and 29. Additional dates for August training also will be scheduled. Please see the training section of Business @ Purdue News for the course announcement and registration instructions. Training for faculty will be available at a later date.

For more information, please contact Susan Geswein or Monique Rawles, business process managers for Director of Business Managers.