Coeus Upgrade Planned for Coming Weekend - 09/10/09

Coeus Version 4.3.5 is scheduled for installation this weekend, Sept. 11-13. To facilitate the upgrade during this time, Sponsored Program Services (SPS) will bring the system down and advises users to complete all necessary work within the system by 8 p.m. Friday.

SPS expects the system to be restored and available for use by the start of work Monday.

Quick Reference Sheets will be sent to the coeus @ purdue list serve on Friday to keep users apprised of new aspects of the system.

Any proposal record started before the upgrade and still in development on Monday morning will have the new fields, YNQ’s (Yes/No Questions), etc. applied. Users should ensure that all new fields are addressed for these records.

A new Coeus Web site  will replace the old Coeus Web site. It will offer documentation for new functionality for administrative users and all online request forms and Quick Reference Sheets. The Web site address will remain the same.

The new functionality of System-to-System Submission, Routing and Approval, and CoeusLite will be released on a staggered roll-out. Each functionality will be piloted with a full release date to be determined.

The URL for the Coeus launch page will be changing. Once the success of the system upgrade is confirmed, the new Coeus launch page address will be sent via the coeus @ purdue list. It also will be available on the Coeus Web site.

SPS urges Coeus users to watch for updates concerning progress of the forthcoming implementation. Users may contact Chris Tompkins with questions or concerns.