TIP: T-code Available for Running Settlement Reports - 08/16/11

The Director of Business Managers area is informing business office staff of a T-code that they may find useful. The T-code — ZFI_SETTLEMENT_RPT — is used to run settlement reports.

A settlement report shows the balances of work-in-process orders in SAP. It can be used to find work-in-process balances for a specific fund, cost center, etc. for a specific period of time.

To run a settlement report, enter T-code ZFI_SETTLEMENT_RPT into SAP and enter the selection criteria for the desired area.

For access to this T-code, users must have the role PM9000_000_PM_REPORTING. To request this role, complete and submit a Role Request Application.

A Settlement Report information document is available under “Tips” in the Reports category of the Business @ Purdue website.