Steps for Resolving Report Time-outs Now Available Online - 06/9/09

A new set of guidelines that address SAP report time-outs is available to help users as well as OnePurdue staff.

The document, End-user Guideline for SAP Report Time-out Issues, can be viewed online via the Business @ Purdue Web site as a resource under the Reports category.

The guidelines are intended to help users resolve some of their SAP report time-out problems themselves. It also provides guidance to OnePurdue staff to more quickly assist staff who are experiencing the time-outs.

The document contains steps, or processes, for resolving time-out issues and is divided into three sections, each tailored to the needs of a different audience end users; technical staff; and System Support Group-functional staff or super users with greater system authorization, rights and permissions.

Development of the guidelines was a collaborative effort by members of ITaP Enterprise Applications and the System Support Group.