New Grants Management Infoproviders Available Now - 09/6/11

BEx Super and Power users should be aware that new Grants Management (GM) infoproviders, created in the Business Warehouse as a result of the GM AIMS project, are available to create ad hoc queries.

Starting Sept. 26, the old GM infoproviders will no longer be available for use, and users should not create any ad hoc queries against the old GM infoproviders.

If an ad hoc query is needed, please begin developing the query with the GM Budget & Expenditure infoproviders (ZGM_C21 or ZGM_C20). The ZGM_C21 is aggregated data and the ZGM_C20 is transactional data. 

Below is a crosswalk table outlining the new GM infoproviders and the old GM infoprovider they replace.

For more information, please contact the Reporting Team at

Old GM Infoprovider New GM Infoprovider Description Infoprovider Type
ZGM_C02 and ZAIMS_C05 ZGM_C21 GM Budget & Expenditure Aggregate
ZGM_C01, ZGM_C03,
ZAIMS_C02, ZFIGM_M01, 0GM_O01 and 0GM_O03
ZGM_C20 GM Budget & Expenditure (Details) Transactional
ZGM_O05 and ZGM_O07 ZGM_O06 AIMS Resp (Access) Transactional
None ZGM_O07 AIMS Resp (FTN Access) Transactional
ZGM_O14 and ZGM_O11 ZGM_C27 GM Sponsored Program Reporting Units Transactional
ZGM_C05 ZGM_C22 GM Proposal & Award Aggregate
ZFIGM_C06 ZGM_C24 GM Award Amount Audit Aggregate
ZGM_C04 ZGM_C25 GM Reporting Requirements Aggregate
None ZGM_C29 GM Faculty Tech Notifications Aggregate
None ZGM_O30 GM Fee Remissions Transactional
None ZGM_O31 Mapping of Emp Group to Other GM Related Fields Transactional