New Data Entry Requirement in Variable Screen for Business Warehouse Reports - 12/15/09

As a result of the recent support pack upgrade, SAP requires users to enter the correct data format in the variable text box when limiting on a Business Warehouse (BW) report. The correct data format is how the data is stored in SAP BW.

BW users will need to be aware that in reports where fiscal year period (or FY/period) is keyed in by a user, the format needs to be 3 digit period/4 digit fiscal year.

For example, to select the fiscal year period corresponding with August of 2009, users need to key in the variable text box 002/2009. Other variations such as 02/09 or 02/2009 of fiscal year period will not be accepted, and users will receive error messages.

As always, users can choose the fiscal year period from the system provided list. The correct format can be seen in the list. Currently, fiscal year period has been the only reported variable where users have experienced a change in the data entry format requirement.

Questions may be directed to the SSG Reporting Team.