GM AIMS Cognos Reports FAQ Expanded With Additional Information - 03/15/11

The GM AIMS Cognos Reports Frequently Asked Questions document has been expanded and updated with several questions posed by participants at the February and March GM AIMS showcases.

The questions added to the FAQ are:

Will principal investigators (PI) who have no active awards see the GM AIMS tab if they have previously had awards?
Yes. Any person who has been a PI, Co-PI or had AIMS access on a grant or sponsored program should have the GM AIMS tab, regardless of whether that person has an active grant.

See table below for when individuals with GM AIMS access (see above) would see data on reports:

  • Summarized Account List would show grants where Grant Life Cycle Status=AWARD; if none in this status, the report would be blank.
  • Balance Trends would show grants where Grant Life Cycle Status=AWARD; if none in this status, the report would be blank.
  • Faculty Technical Notifications would show grants where there are technical reports due in the next 90 days.
  • Current Award and Pending Proposals would show grants where Grant Life Cycle Status=AWARD and any pending reports with his PUID (must be same as PUID in SAP) in the Coeus system.

Is grad insurance included in the FB%?
Yes, it is included in the FB%.

Does the FB% from the previous month populate correctly on projections?
No, the Fringe Benefit rate that is shown in Account Projections is the current default for that type of employee and is not pulled for that particular person. The FB% is also reset back to the default once the data is refreshed.

Does the FTN Report due appear on the Project Financial Report (FSSR)?
The data on the Project Financial Report comes from the Reporting Requirements tab on GMGRANTD. This data is different than the data that produces the Faculty Technical Notifications Reports.

Can we add a disclaimer on the FTN so the PI will know that the reports will drop off after the 90-day period?
This will be added to the enhancement request list and prioritized with other suggested enhancements.

Do the Current Award project period dates come from SAP?
Yes, they do.

Does the Current Award amount come from SAP?
Yes, it does.

Users noticed an account they considered expired on the Current Awards & Pending Proposals list. Does list include all awards that are not in Closed/Closed status?
Yes, it does. The list includes all grants as long as it’s Grant Life Cycle Status = AWARD.

For more information, please contact Susie Geswein, business process manager, 496-7432.