SAP Service Pack Upgrade Brings Minor Changes to BW Reporting - 12/23/08

Following OnePurdue’s installation of the SAP service pack upgrade the weekend of Dec. 6-7, Business Warehouse (BW) users have noticed changes in the way their requests for data must be entered into the system.

Three changes have been detailed with corresponding illustrations and posted on the WAI BEx Tips and Tricks Web page under the “BW Reporting Changes” section. They include new ways the variables must be keyboarded to request reports, case-sensitivity in the search function, and a change in placing filters in queries when using Query Designer.

Last week, a Business @ Purdue News article highlighted a newly required space that must precede and follow the hyphen separating fiscal year periods and date ranges. For example, the fiscal year period February through April 2009 must be entered: 002/2009 - 004/2009; and a date range of Nov. 1 through Nov. 30, 2008, must be keyboarded: 11/01/2008 - 11/30/2008.

Case Sensitivity
When launching a search in BW, remember that the search mechanism is now case sensitive. Thus, users must type the data they seek into the search field in the same case -- capital letters or lower case with no punctuation -- as the desired information appears in the system. For example, if searching for Margaret J. Potter, select the  “Search” feature, and into the drop-down box enter: “Potter Margaret J” -- last name preceding first name and middle initial, with no comma or period.

Another change in the software operation involves using filters in Query Designer. Prior to the service pack installation, users put filters in the “Default Values” column. Now, to obtain the correct results, users must place the filters in the “Characteristic Restrictions” column. Because this change also applies to any query saved prior to the service pack upgrade, users who experience trouble getting the desired results may solve the issue by moving the filters.