Reminder: Report Usage Grid a Useful Tool - 12/11/08

University business staff who run enhanced reports for Finance likely can find the information they need in one, comprehensive online source.

The Enhanced Reporting: Report Usage Grid, a Quick Reference Card available through the FIHR Web site, provides details about the various reports, including name, t-code used to run the report, a brief description, funds used in it and the type of data it can produce.

The grid is meant to help staff decide what financial reports may be most useful when they look at different types of funds.

Among the many reports covered in the grid are:
-- SMUR Income Statement (budgeted or general fund), for when management balance is needed
-- SMUR Transaction Listing (a non-grants management fund)
-- RIO (Rreal Internal Order) Transaction Listing, (specific RIO), for RIO transaction listing
-- SMUR Balance Sheet (nonbudgeted, gift fund), for when cash balance is needed

To access the grid online, visit the OnePurdue Web site and click “Financial Reporting” under the words “Finance and HR” located in the black stripe near the top of the page. When that page displays, click the “Report Usage Grid” link.