Report Distribution: Watch for Errors and Review Items - 12/18/08

Enhanced reports and the Universal Work List report delivery have been useful tools in making reports more accessible. Unfortunately, sometimes errors made while setting up reports prevent the intended recipient from receiving them.

Following are some common errors that cause reports to go undelivered:
     -- Variant spelled incorrectly in the upload template versus name in SAP.
     -- Variant not created in SAP. 
     -- Variant created on the incorrect t-code (report).

Most of these errors can be caught by a thorough review of the Z-table upload template as is noted in the processes for setting up or change report distribution. Review items include:
     -- The recipient name is the correct alias as listed in InfoType 105.
     -- Individuals listed should be receiving the reports listed.
     -- The variant is set up on the correct t-code, and running the variant produces appropriate data.
     -- The standard naming convention is being followed.
     -- Check that the fund center is in the correct format -- no fund center groups (BP4018).

For more information about setting up or changing reports see the Financial Reports Information page at Business @ Purdue for process information or the OnePurdue Financial Reporting page for report information.