Endowment Reports for July 1 Distribution Available - 07/30/09

Endowment reports for the July 1, 2009, distribution are available. The t-code to process the reports is ZFI_ENDOW_RPT.

Since the last distribution, new fields will be contained in the endowment summary option. They are:
-- Cost Center linked to the endowment fund
-- Create Date (the date the endowment was set up in the system)
-- Distribution Method to identify whether the endowment’s distribution was being reinvested back into the endowment or distributed to the supported fund during that distribution

Some of the larger colleges may still need to execute reports in the background. To simplify, an option has been added on the main selection screen, “Get Background Job.”

When processing the reports, please use the drop-down list to select the desired Recipient Area, which is a required field. The option is available to limit specific endowment funds in a particular area.

For more information and instructions, please refer to the Process Endowment Reports process available on Business @ Purdue under the “Reports” category.

The dates for the reports for this distribution are:
      Date Balance: 06/30/2009
      Date of Transactions: 07/01/2009

Please note that Fellowship-supported funds will show a 06/30/2009 available balance of 0.00. This is due to fellowships being recorded as orders instead of separate funds.

Once Accounting Services receives the PRF (Purdue Research Foundation) endowment information, another communication will be sent with the location information.

Please forward this information as needed. Please direct questions to Kathy Vanderwall, 494-7368; or Stacy Brown, 494-7369.