Official University Retirees to Receive New Enhanced Benefit - 11/17/09

Individuals who qualify as official University retirees now are eligible to maintain their email access as an enhanced benefit from the University.

This access is simply for ongoing “@purdue” email association, not for Internet usage.

Retirees who choose to maintain their email access will use the same Career Account they used as active employees. They will be expected to follow the same rules for security and appropriate use as active staff members as provided in the University’s “Records” and “Information Technology” policies.

Human Resource Services-Staff Benefits will complete a Request for Privileges form for new retirees who want to continue their email access.

Those individuals will retain their level of email access, including email received via distribution lists they were on as employees. Departments should review and update distribution lists for each retiree, and remove individuals from lists when appropriate.

Individuals who already have retired also may request a Purdue email account. All current official University retirees will receive a newsletter in mid-November explaining how to request access. Retirees will be referred to HRS-Staff Benefits to establish access. Questions about establishment of email should be directed to Staff Benefits at 494-4768.

The addition of the email access benefit is a reminder of the importance of appropriate coding when individuals separate from service. Occasionally, a Personnel Action form is submitted that indicates separation is due to health problems or other reasons, yet the individual qualifies as an official University retiree.

When separating employees, departments have to determine if the individual qualifies as an official University retiree, which takes precedence over other separation reasons. If the individual is on long-term disability (LTD), that should still be noted as the reason for termination (health reason) because employees do not become retirees until their LTD benefits end.

For more information about the new email access benefit, please contact Teresa Wesner, customer service manager for Human Resources.