Workforce File Updated with Fall 2012 Data - 12/6/12

Human Resources has completed the preparation and validation of the 2012 Workforce File, representing a snapshot of Purdue University’s workforce as of the September 2012 payroll.

The DSS SAP Workforce data model has been updated and now contains annual snapshots taken the last payrolls of September 2007 through September 2012. No change from 2011 to 2012 was made to the list of variables contained in the 2012 fact table. Associated ORG UNIT and JOB ID dimension tables have been updated as well.

During the past several years, the IDN Staff Classification dimension table has accumulated a variety of inconsistencies between the code values and labels. In 2012, this dimension table was completely revised to eliminate as many inconsistencies as possible without any reassignment of code VALUES to the SAP Workforce FACT table. Users of the SAP Workforce data model are cautioned to review BRIO queries or any other programs they may have that utilizes the IDN Staff Classification dimension table.