Org Unit Name Change and Reporting Correction Released - 03/11/10

Human Resource Services has made a name correction and a reporting change involving two org units.

Please note these revisions:

Correction to Org Unit Name
Org Unit ID
: 50075014
New Long Name:  EM Assess-Reporting
Former Long Name:  4EM Assess-Reporting
Entry Made: March 9, 2010

Change in reporting structure, no change to org unit name
Org Unit ID
: 252
Long Name: Financial Aid (no change)
Effective Date: March 1, 2010
New Cost Center: 4031010000
New Reports to Org Unit: 387 Office of the Provost 
New AAO Org Code Assigned: B0E
New Personnel Org Code Assigned: B0E01
New BA School Code: 24 Provost
Entry Made: March 1, 2010