HRS Offers Reminder Concerning Exempt Status for Staff Positions - 08/6/09

Human Resource Services reminds staff that only positions that pay a minimum annual salary of $23,660, which equates to $1,971.67 per month, can be classified as exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The FLSA requirement applies to post-doctorate, administrative/professional and management professional positions.

The minimum salary cannot be prorated based on Capacity Utilization Level (CUL) and is the minimum payment required regardless of the CUL. The minimum salary cannot be met by combining income from Purdue and another source, and it cannot be met by combining pay for two concurrent appointments. Each appointment must meet the salary test on its own.

Although additional factors may affect the exemption status, the salary requirement must be met before any other factors can be considered.

Exempt from the FLSA salary test are Purdue employees engaged as teachers, as well as those licensed or certified to practice law or medicine who are employed in their corresponding field.