HRS Announces Two New Org Units - 07/14/09

Human Resource Services has created two new Organization Units in SAP that went into effect July 1. The new org units are the Women’s Resource Office, 50066926, and Diversity Resource Office, 50066927.

Both will report to the Provost’s Office (Org Unit 387) on the West Lafayette campus.

The default master cost center for the Women’s Resource Office is 4002012000. The cost center for the Diversity Resource Office is 4002011000.

The org codes for Affirmative Action (AA) and Personnel for both new units will be B0E/B0E01 respectively. Both the Affirmative Action Office code name and Personnel org name for both org units will be Office of Provost.

Because there is no expectation that these org units will have faculty appointments, the Faculty POC (Purdue Occupation Code) and CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) attributes have been left blank.