Paid Parental Leave Goes Into Effect Oct. 1 - 09/30/08

The Purdue University Board of Trustees on Friday, Sept. 26 adopted a paid parental leave policy for eligible University faculty and staff who meet the University’s definition of “parent.” The policy, which allows a paid time off benefit for parents when they experience a birth or undertake an adoption, becomes effective Oct. 1.

As staff members in business offices, Human Resource Services and Payroll await completion of the process and configuration of the OnePurdue SAP system, they can access an interim process and corresponding checklist on the Human Resource Services Web site.

Staff receiving requests for the leave need to contact Lisa Hornbeck of Human Resource Services for assistance with the process and proper completion of forms. She can be reached by phone at 494-1310 or by email at

Once the processes and technology are complete, staff will receive final guidelines and support material explaining how to process the paid parental leave. These items should be distributed two weeks before the finalized process becomes effective.

The paid parental leave benefit will be extended to the faculty, staff, graduate students and post-doc workforce who meet the University’s benefits-eligibility standards, are employed at least half-time for at least one continuous year, and who meet the policy’s definition of “parent.”

As long as the birth or adoption occurs on or after Oct. 1, under the policy’s guidelines, the birth mother will be eligible for up to 240 hours of paid time off, and all other qualifying parents may qualify for up to 120 hours. The leave will pay 100 percent of the employee’s straight-time, regular pay based on full-time equivalency.

Before the leave will be granted, eligible employees must give a 30-day notice if the leave dates are foreseeable. However, this October, the 30-day notice is not required for those otherwise qualifying for the leave.

More information will be available for business managers, pay administrators and other front-line processors during two question-and-answer sessions led by HRS-Employee Relations. They are scheduled for 10-11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 1 in STEW 318, and 2-3 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 9 in STEW 314. No registration is required.

Information is also available from Pat D. Russell, the ADA/leaves/CDL program consultant. She can be contacted by phone at 494-0269 or by email at

The Human Resource Services Web site offers many valuable resources, including:
     -- Frequently-asked questions
     -- Quick-reference table showing the forms needed for various leave situations
     -- Interim process checklist
     -- Updated forms
     -- Link to the paid parental leave policy