New HR Article Provides Information About Paid Holidays - 01/13/09

With the approach of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, the University’s Human Resource Services Department has released a three-page document -- “University Holidays (With Pay) -- to help department managers determine the correct way to compensate employees of all categories for the holidays due them.

The document can be found online as a resource on the Business @ Purdue Web site under the “People category and the “Leaves of Absence & Disability Information subcategory. Topics include:
     -- Listing of University’s paid holidays
     -- Eligibility, and exceptions to eligibility, for holiday pay
     -- Personal holidays
     -- Regulations for holidays with pay, including several scenarios for eligibility, day of workweek on which holiday falls, holiday’s relationship to employee’s work schedule and other leaves, temporary changes to work schedule, supervisor approval and other considerations

For more information about holidays and holiday pay, please visit the Human Resource Services’ Web page.