Leave Action Form Reminders - 08/7/08

Employees approved for a Form 33F, FMLA leave, and those participating in the Voluntary Early Partial Retirement program must submit a Leave Action Form. The form is available by clicking this link:

Leave Action Forms are also required for a Reduction in Force action, military leave, and any unpaid personal leave, as well as employees with an appointment of less than 12 months. A Leave Action Form should always be submitted to SSC when the individual’s leave begins, and another submitted when the individual returns to work. 
The Leave Action is important in many ways: It provides an historical record of leaves for each individual, and it is used as an administrative tool in monitoring how many employees the university has out on specific leaves. 

Entering the Leave Action Form will ensure the correct administration of benefits while the individual is on leave, as well as calculating the proper Quota accruals, when applicable.

The form also allows for CUL changes during leaves of absence, thus eliminating the need to submit a separate PA Form.

Employees can determine if a Leave Action Form is needed by looking up the leave type on the One Purdue Leaves Reference Grid found at and following the specific instructions for a particular leave.
Currently, several individuals have been put on leave, but a return to work has not been submitted. To find out if you need to prepare a return to work action, you can run a ZHR_LEAVES_REPORT and note the individuals in your department that do not have a date in the column under “Actual Return.” 

For questions or concerns, please call Cindy Stephens in the Shared Service Center at 494-6832.