SSC: Please Note PA Form Changes and New Required Documents - 05/18/10

The Shared Service Center (SSC) made several changes to the Personnel Action (PA) Form. The changes, effective May 1, are:

• An additional choice on the drop-down list for “Change in Pay Reason” box. It is “Addl Responsibility Incr (Non-Exmpt BW)” for increases in pay for BW staff who have taken on additional responsibilities. The added choice allows for a pay adjustment for a temporary increase in duties in accordance with the pay practice, “Pay Upon Temporary Assignment,” which is explained on the “Pay Practices” page of the Vice President for Human Resources website.

• An added field, “Separation/End Add’l Appt Reason,” includes reasons for “End Additional Appointment” actions using the same set of reasons that can be used for “Separation.”

• Removal of “Pay Admin” field. The field was used to sort hard copy paychecks for distribution as well as for sorting the W-2’s for distribution. Since the pay advice is available via Employee Self-Service and W-2 forms are mailed to employees at their home addresses, the field no longer is necessary. 

• Addition of “TimeLink Supervisor (if applicable).” However, please note, that the information should be provided only if the department uses TimeLink. (TimeLink is software used in connection with time clocks to capture time for non-exempt staff electronically. The connection between an employee and TimeLink is begun by linking a supervisor PERNR to the employee PERNR.)

Reminder: A completed Form I-9 also is a required document. PA Forms received for new hires and rehires will be entered in SAP only if the I-9 is attached. Do not send the forms directly to the I-9 clerk. For more information, please review the Feb. 11, 2010, Business @ Purdue News article, Attach Completed I-9 to PA Form When Submitting to SSC.

The new Documents Required to Process New Hire/Rehire Actions grid is located under “Resources” on the People/Hiring page of Business @ Purdue and under “Resources” on the Shared Service Center website.

For more information, please contact Sandy Skiles, academic appointment and operations administrator, Human Resources Shared Service Center.